Exceptional customer service and professional help always at the tip of your hands

We are among the leading doctors’ offices that combine Primary Care services with Urgent Care convenience! Our clinic services are available 7 days a week, including evenings and weekends.

Our doctor, Rafael Alfrido Garcia, MD, is bilingual and Board Certified in Family Medicine.  Joining forces with AMC, he is committed and dedicated to be up to date with the latest medical researches on adult and geriatric, anti-aging and weight loss treatments using traditional and integrative medicine with the latest research in nutrition and natural supplements.

We are commited to make health care affordable and convenient for everyone, that is why we offer:

  • Cost-effective medical care with cost transparency. Our healthcare providers will work with you to make your visit as cost effective as possible.

  • Ease and convenient preventive medical care. Patiences can avoid to incurred in higher medical costs if acute and chronic medical care is delayed or skipped.

  • Quality of care. Our services include onsite consultation with one of our medical providers for personalized care. We employ state of the art technology to make delivery of medical care efficient.

  • Discounted lab charges. We have negotiated with laboratories for the most common lab tests costs to pass on the savings to our clients.

  • Prescribed generic medication. For initial therapies, we can dispense prescribed medication by one of our medical providers at a very reasonable cost, usually $4.00 dollars for a 30 day supply.